Who are we? We are Gamers.. We are F**ked up.. We are You... We are .xcessive gaming

Who are we? What are we about? Two excellent questions that are as simple as can be. We are you. We are trash talkers, heartbreakers and life takers. We are people that enjoy playing games with other gamers that like to wreck the other team.

Miss that shot? Teamkill a friend? Run away from the objective? Go the wrong way? Yeah, you will have your chops busted. We will also be there when you get knocked and need a revive. We will be there when it is time to run deep and take the win. We saddle up and ride out. We win, we fail, we go again. We are fucked up people playing fucked up games. We are you.

xsvCommunity that spans almost 2 decades of gaming experience, server management, custom scripting, and comradery. We have had many faces, many names, and many lives, but we have always been together moving forward to play a wide assortment of games and genres. Our community strives to be the best we can and dominate as much as we can. We don’t always win, but we are always remembered.

ARMA 3 Server

Server Name: xsvLiberation

Direct IP:

Current Mission: Liberation

Current Map: Panthera

Modlist: Click Here

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